Back to School Tips for Young Children

Do you have children that are returning, or beginning, elementary school this fall? No doubt they had a wonderful summer with sleepovers, camps and visits with grandparents.  Summertime is a magical time for young children. Staying in pajamas all morning and eating breakfast for lunch is the fun stuff childhood is made of. Getting off to a great start in the school year is also an important part of childhood. They will follow your lead and the tone you set. Drum up some excitement about the arrival of the school bus. If you’re a stay at home mom, no doubt you’re also excited about the arrival of the school bus and new school year! There are several key steps to take to ensure the school year get off to a good start. Reintroducing routines and talking about expectations for the first day is a great way to start. If your child is anxious about starting school, find out if there was an incident or other issue that is causing them concern. Validate it and discuss it with them.

Young ChildrenOne of the sure fire ways to get kids excited about returning to school is back to school shopping. Check out the great deals offered by Groupon coupons and all the fun styles available from The Children’s Place. No doubt you’ve received a list of school supplies to purchase for your child, the classroom and their teacher. Have them join you in selecting these items. New lunch boxes and backpacks are always an exciting addition to the back to school bundles.

At least one week prior to the start of school, begin to shift your child’s schedule for bed time and wake up time. Two nights before the start of school, insist on lights out at the same time they’ll begin turning in on school nights. Wake them up at the same time as they would need to catch the school bus.

Finally, enlist your child’s input in healthy breakfast and lunch options. Proper nutrition is key to top performance in the classroom. Parental support and engagement, quality and quantity of sleep and proper nutrition are each of the components needed to ensure your child’s school year is launched for success. Best of luck on the first day of school and for an exciting school year.